Quran Translation Course

In this course, the students are taught the word to word and interpretational translation of the Holy Quran according to its grammar (Nahu&Sarf) in such a way that they are capable of understanding and interpreting the true meanings of the Holy Quran by themselves during the recitation and listening of the Holy Quran and also during their prayers, by the end of this course they know the forms and patterns of verbs in the Quran and hadiths.

In this course we follow the following syllabus:

  • Quranic Arabic (three levels)
  • Specific Surahs of Quran
  • Specific Masnon Duas and Haidith
  • Five classes weekly(it’s up to you)
  • Daily 45 minutes class
  • High qualified, specialist, well experienced teachers
  • Classes conducted via Skype, Zoom, Team Viewer
  • For kids & adults
  • One on one classes
  • Female teacher for female students

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