Arabic Grammar Course for Beginners

In this course, the students are taught the very beginning of the Arabic grammar in which they are introduced the definitions of the terms of Arabic language and are given different activities and exercises from syllabus books and Quran and some exercises from deferent books out of syllabus for practice. The students are capable to understand the Arabic terms and devices by the end of this course.

We focus the following books to make a solid foundation:

  • Ilm u Nahu Part 1
  • Ilm u Nahu Part 2
  • Ilm u Nahu Part 3
  • Ilm u Sarf Part 1
  • Ilm u Sarf Part 2
  • Ilm u Sarf Part 3
  • Lisan ul Quran (Practice book)
  • Abwab ul Sarf (Practice book)
  • Five classes weekly (it’s up to you)
  • Minimum one hour class daily
  • High qualified, specialist, well experienced teachers
  • Classes conducted via Skype, Zoom, Team-viewer
  • Classes conducted in ENGLISH & URDU & ARABIC
  • One on one classes
  • Certificate will be issued
  • Without webcam classes for female students

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