AL-ARABIYAH TU LINNASHEEN (For non-native speakers)

Al-Arabia-tu-Linnasheen )Arabic for Non-native Speakers( this is the second curriculum of the Arabic Language Course, it has six parts, it enhances the speaking proficiency of the students step by step in a better way and by the time the students have finished this book, they have good command on four skills of Arabic language Speaking, reading, writing, listening, and they are fluent in Arabic speaking and good at understanding Quran, Tafseer’s books, Hadith, and Arabic books, and they have very good command to communicate Arab.

This is the syllabus of this course:

  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 1
  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 2
  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 3
  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 4
  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 5
  • Al Arabiyah tu linasheen Part 6
  • Five classes weekly (it’s up to you)
  • Minimum one hour class daily (maximum four hours)
  • High qualified, specialist, well experienced teachers
  • Classes conducted via Skype, Zoom, Team-viewer
  • Classes conducted in ENGLISH & URDU & ARABIC
  • One on one classes
  • Certificate will be issued
  • Without webcam classes for female students

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