Logic, wisdom and knowledge acquired within the boundaries of sharia are the important tools that can drive humanity towards the horizon of success, AL-MADINAH ACADEMY institute for Arabic and Quranic learning (AMA), under the supervision of sharia-compliant, highly qualified and extensive experienced Muftiany-e-Karaam and Islamic scholars, innovative-educational institute that is striving to spread the teachings of Quran, Tajweed, Hadith, Fiqh and Arabic Language (Grammar and Literature). AMA was established in 2015 and has students all over the world. Apart from conducting degree programs.



Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center

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From the very inception of AL-MADINAH ACADEMY (AMA), its founder Mufti Hazrat Maulana Muhammad ZUBAIR (DB) had the following vision:

“To lead and unite the Muslims towards the four dimensions of Islam – practice, faith, spirituality and the Islamic view of history and to teach them true teachings of Quran and Hadith and make them capable to live their life accordingly as it is one and the only way leading to our master Allah تَعَالیٰ and our beloved prophet Muhammadﷺ, Along with the ambitious and successful life of this world, they will also get the accomplishments of hereafter.

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