We are providing the services of 24/7 but in case of Salah time or any other student’s class we will not be available.

You can pay your fee through any money transfer company such as Money Gram, Western Union, Ria, Money Express, Or any bank whatever is feasible for you.

We will try our level best to arrange the other classes in some other time with any extra charges and without effecting the other student’s classes.

Weekend classes are available on Saturday and Sunday with extra charges.

Yes, it’s a complete degree program in which students are provided the certificate after at the end of completion.

Yes, there are female teachers for specific courses.

You can pay it monthly or pay fee as per class.

Number of classes of each month will be counted and each day it will be compulsory to pay fee of that class.

it is compulsory to pay the fee in advance.

every month of 5th is the last date of paying fee..

Yes, the academy provides the eBooks of every of course.

the books will be provided free of cost.

Every course has a specific duration however the sharp students shall complete their courses before the duration limits the teachers will be sportive to them.

All kind of Islamic courses are available in our academy you may contact our management.

You may take admission through any contact number given in the website.

All the courses are paid.

If you bring two paid students of course you are interested in it, then you can take admission in that course for free.

We are not running our business here but we are charging for needs and for the salaries of teachers and main motive and objective of our academy is to create convenience for the Muslims so that they may learn the Deen and right path.