Madinah book has three parts, it enhances the grammatical proficiency of the students of Arabic language and by the end of this book, they are capable of speaking Arabic language in the light of Arabic grammar rules, and capable of performing grammatical analysis for any sentence, they know how to drive the forms and patterns of verb from the Verbal Noun and how to use those verbs, and They will be able to identify easily the facts of sentences.

This is the syllabus of this course:

  • Madinah book 1(دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ 1)
  • Madinah book 2(دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ 2)
  • Madinah book 3(دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ 3)
  • Five classes weekly(it’s up to you)
  • Minimum one hour class daily(maximum four hours)
  • High qualified, specialist, well experienced teachers
  • Classes conducted via Skype, Zoom, Team-viewer
  • Classes conducted in ENGLISH & URDU & ARABIC
  • One on one classes
  • Certificate will be issued
  • Without webcam classes for female students

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